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Monday, August 27, 2012

Transporter 2

Transporter 2
-Ex-Special Forces op Frank Martin is now living in Florida, acting as chaffeur to the son of a Florida anti-drugs policymaker. One day, Jack Billings is kidnapped by a murderous drug cartel leader known only as Gianni and his murderous lover Lola. And to make matters worse, Frank has been implicated in Jack's kidnapping. So Frank must find the real kidnappers, save the boy and clear his name. Also to add, Gianni has gotten ahold of a genetically engineering bioweapon that will contaminate anyone who comes into contact with Jack

-Jason Statham: Frank Martin
-Alessandro Gassman: Gianni Chellini
-Amber Valetta: Audrey Billings
-Kate Nauta: Lola
-Matthew Modine: Jefferson Billings
-Jason Flemyng: Dimitri
-Keith David: Stapleton
-Hunter Clary: Jack Billings
-Francois Berleand: Insp. Tarconi

Did You Know?
-In this movie, Frank drives an Audi A8L W12(W12 refers to the engine type)
-The song that actress Kate Nauta is listening to on her headphones is 'Revolution', one she sung

-The only phones seen being used in here are all Nokia phones

-Tarconi's phone ring tone is from a 1970s soft rock song called "I Go Crazy" by Paul Davis

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