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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
-Sean Boswell is an American teenager who is a loner in school. But he has a thing for racing cars. When he challenges a rival to a race, he totals his car. To avoid going to prison, he is sent to Tokyo, Japan to live with his military father.

-When he arrives in Japan, he immediately befriends someone by the nickname "Twinkie", who is your average military brat. He introduces Sean to the world of Japanese car racing. And even though he's banned from driving, he decides to challenge the local race champ, D.K. who is better known as the Drift King, who unknown to them, has ties to the Japanese Yakuza, or Japanese Mafia. He loses, because he does not know how to drift, which involves treacherous hairpin turns.

-And since he entered a race with a Yakuza man, he has lost and in order to pay his debts back, he engages in underworld street racing.

-Lucas Black: Sean Boswell
-Zachery Ty Bryan: Clay
-Brian Goodwell: Major Boswell
-Lynda Boyd: Ms. Boswell
-Bow Wow: Twinkie
-Leonardo Nam: Morimoto
-Toshi Hayama: Toshi at underground garage
-Brian Tee: D.K.
-Keiko Kitagawa: Reiko
-Sung Kang: Han
-Rie Shibata: Math teacher
-Sonny Chiba: Uncle Kamata
-Stuart W. Yee: Yakuza Man #2

Did You Know?
-Volkswagen donated 4 protoype R32s and 4 Touran minivans to the movie

-Toyo Tires donated 4,000 tires for the movie
-600 Asian extras were used during the LA filming days for the street parts
-The Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII and 2 of the VW R32s were converted to rear wheel drive so they could drift
-For the movie, the crew went to Japan and bought as many JDM(Japanese Domestic Market) cars as they could. They have the wheel on the right

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