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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review: Ronnie by Ronnie Wood

Just finished it last night before I went to bed! This book is pretty good, if you're a Rolling Stones fan. I know I am, lol. But the book is really good, I like it. It's funny in some parts, like when Ronnie's kids pull pranks on other guys in the Stones, namely Keith. There was one part in the book where Ronnie mentions that his son Jamie put something called a banger in a cigarette Keith was going to smoke and it blew up in his face and how Keith was chasing Jamie around Ronnie's yard with his knife in hand and screaming bloody murder or how when Ronnie fell asleep naked on his bed, his kids Leah and Jamie broke in and painted the area between his legs green. This book is funny in some parts and also good overall!!!

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