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Friday, August 3, 2012

Hot Man Friday: Dominic Rowan

I've been catching up on episodes of Law and Order: UK via YouTube. Been busy lately with work, so I could not catch up with this show. Though I've discovered you can watch TV episodes on the Internet. Thank you, God!!!

Anywho, ever since I started watching this show, I've noticed that Dominic Rowan and Jamie Bamber are the 2 cutest ones. And random thought: Anyone ever notice Michael, Jamie and Dominic seem to be very common, popular names in England? IDK, just something I noticed. :D

IDK what it is about this guy that I find cute, he's just cute. I know of no reason why, he's just cute. I love his adorable English accent. BTW, I think that is what makes a woman attracted to an English guy, cute accent. For some reason, American women seem to be very attracted to the accents of British guys. My "standards" for guys are low. As long as they have a pulse and are breathing, ok.  And if they have handsome eyes, like blue or brown, that's it, the fight is over, I'm hooked, lmao!!!!!

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