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Friday, August 31, 2012

Christopher Atkins

Christopher Atkins It was very hard to find photos of him with clothes on! I seen more photos of him with clothes off than on!!!

Birth Name: Christopher Atkins Bomann
DOB: Feb. 21, 1961
Where: Rye, New York
Height: 5'10''

-Landed his role in The Blue Lagoon(1980) when he was teaching sailing in Rye, New York
-His father is a real estate agency owner and mother is a science teacher
-He never turns down charities
-Always take time for photos and autographs

-Assassin's Code: Daniel Dodd
-The Blue Lagoon: Richard
-Dracula Rising: Vlad
-Die Watching: Michael Terrence
-Mutual Needs: Andrew
-Deadly Delusions: Sam Gitlin
-Title to Murder: Paul Shaughnessy
-The 13th Child: Ron
-Payback: Sean Walker
-Stained Glass Windows: Det. Marshall

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