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Monday, August 27, 2012

House Hunters International

I really have to wonder what it is with people on the show House Hunters International? It really gets on my nerves when you have people who want to live in a foreign country and they start complaining about the places being too small or something being weird or whatever.

I was watching an episode just yesterday where this art student from New Jersey wanted to start living with her boyfriend in the neighborhood of Hackney, in London, England. And he seemed to be the more sensible one. She sounded like she had no sense whatsoever. And she started complaining that there was hardly any space for her art stuff. Well, she should listen to the real estate agent and her boyfriend, who both told her that in a city like London, where it's so huge, space is limited. And also, it seems that alot of people like to live in London, especially people from the US because the cultures are so eerily similar. Anywho, I love to watch the show because of the places they go. Usually the only ones I usually DVR are the ones where they go to Australia, China, Japan, Italy, London or just anywhere in England or even other places, like Russia or somewhere else.

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