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Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Albums I've Ever Heard

This post is about how I came to know some of the music I currently listen to:

FYI, if you see a * next to an album name, that means I own a copy of that album or if you see a + next to one, I know someone who owns it, not me

+The Rolling Stones
My stepdad owns this one
-First album of theirs I heard: Rewind. The song Start Me Up

Stepdad owns it
-First album I heard: O, Yeah!. Walk This Way

Stepdad owns it
-First album I heard: Turn It On Again. Invisible Touch

+Paul McCartney
Stepdad again
-First album I heard: Band on the Run. Jet

*The Beatles
Me! I own it
-First album I heard: 1. Love Me Do

*Dusty Springfield
-First album I heard: The Best of Dusty Springfield. Son of a Preacher Man

David Bowie
-First album I heard: Best of Bowie. Dancing in the Street.

Got it for Christmas
-First album I heard: No End in Sight. Long Way from Home

-First album I heard: 20 Years of Poison

+Avril Lavigne
My sister owns this one
-First album I heard: Goodbye Lullabye. What the Hell

Stepdad owns it
-First album I heard: Back in Black. Have a Drink on Me

+Bad Company
Stepdad owns it
-First album I heard: Straight Shooter. Shooting Star

*The Supremes
I own it
-First album I heard: Diana Ross and the Supremes: Icon. You Can't Hurry Love

*The Temptations
I own this
-First album I heard: Icon. Ain't Too Proud to Beg

I own it
-First album I heard: Hits. Kiss from a Rose

*Def Leppard
I own it
-First album I heard: Rock of Ages. Pour Some Sugar on Me

*Judas Priest
I own it
-First album I heard: The Essential Judas Priest. Turbo Lover or You Got Another Thing Coming.

+Billy Idol
-First album I heard: Greatest Hits. Rebel Yell

*Bon Jovi
I own it
-First album I heard: Greatest Hits

-First album I heard: 90125

*Kenny Chesney
-First album I heard: No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem. Young

+Van Halen
-First album I heard: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1. Panama

+Creedence Clearwater
-First album I heard: Chronicle

-First album I heard: The Very Best of Prince

+The Police
-First album I heard: Every Breath You Take

+Katy Perry
Sister's CD
-First album I heard: Just One of the Boys

*Lady Gaga
-First album I heard: The Fame

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