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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WKRP in Cincinnati

Love this show! Too funny! My favorite one is Johnny Fever, he makes me laugh and Herb Tarlek, his outfits are too funny!!!

WKRP in Cincinnati
-Gary Sandy: Andy Travis
-Gordon Jump: Arthur Carlson
-Howard Hesseman: Johnny "Dr. Fever" Caravella
-Loni Anderson: Jennifer Marlowe
-Richard Sanders: Les Nessman
-Frank Bonner: Herb Tarlek
-Tim Reid: Venus Flytrap
-Jan Smithers: Bailey Quarters

-Arthur Carlson is the manager of a failing Cincinnati radio station called WKRP, which is also partly run by his tough as nails mom. He is also surrounded by the strangest employees humanity has thrown his way. Wild DJs Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap, to nerdy news reporter Les Nessman, and obxnoxious ladies man advertising sales manager Herb Tarlek who dresses like a 1970s car salesman. But there are also more sane employees here, such as Bailey Quarters, who is a shy, yet nice journalism major and Jennifer Marlowe, who is the blonde receptionist who is the opposite of the "dumb blonde" stereotype and who also shoots down every one of Herb's pickup lines and Andy Travis, who is the good looking program director, who brings success to the station after changing the format from easy listening to rock music.

Did You Know?
-Les is almost always seen wearing a bandage on some part of his body. When casting first happened, Richard Sanders had injured himself and had to wear a bandage, so he decided to make it Les' trademark

-On the side of his coffee cup, Johnny Fever had several names written on it: Johnny Duke, Johnny Style, Johnny Cool, Johnny Sunshine and Johnny Fever. When the station was understaffed and he was doing both morning and afternoon shows, he would often need to look at his cup to see what name he was using.

-During the show's run, there was an actual radio station up and running, WKRP 550 AM in Cincinnati.
-The character of Bailey Quarters was based on creator Hugh Wilson's wife

-The character Herb Tarlek was noted for his very tacky, distasteful suits. On one episode, Venus Flytrap remarked "Somewhere out there there's a Volkswagen with no seats". One of Herb's suits was actually made from the seat covers of a Volkswagen

-On his desk, Herb Tarlek has a University of Arkansas Razorbacks mug. The actor who plays him, Frank Bonner, is an Arkansas native
-Gordon Jump, who plays Arthur Carlson, used to work as a radio DJ in Dayton, Ohio

-Venus Flytrap's real name is Gordon Simms, and he was a teacher before becoming a DJ. On the episode "Who is Gordon Simms?" you find out that he ditched his tour of duty in Vietnam and changed his name and personality to evade the draft

-Since creator Hugh Wilson is a huge Beatles fan, he wanted to use as many of their songs as possible. But he found that it was very expensive to use so many songs, so he used the songs ""I'm Down", "Here Comes the Sun" and "Come Together". Also, the 2nd most expensive artist to lease songs from was The Rolling Stones.

From the episode "Turkeys Away". Here's a memorable line "I swear to God I thought turkeys could fly", which came from the character Arthur Carlson

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