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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club
-Emilio Estevez: Andrew Clark
-Paul Gleason: Richard Vernon
-Anthony Michael Hall: Brian Johnson
-John Kapelos: Carl
-Judd Nelson: John Bender
-Molly Ringwald: Claire Standish
-Ally Sheedy: Allison Reynolds
-Perry Crawford: Allison's dad
-Mary Christian: Brian's sister
-Ron Dean: Andy's dad
-Tim Gamble: Claire's dad
-Mercedes Hall: Brian's mom
-Fran Gargano: Allison's mom

-5 different students- Jock Andrew, rich girl Claire, criminal John Bender, brain Brian, and outcast Allison- are all sentenced to a Saturday detention. From 7am-4pm, they are sentenced to stay in the school for something they did. And in that time, they must write a paper on who they think they are.

-As time goes on, they all but bare their souls to each other and tell each other why they are there. And when the time finally comes for them to leave, they all leave as friends.

Did You Know?
-Anthony Michael Hall's mother and sister play Brian's mom and sister in the movie

-The guidance counselor has a nametag that says "R. Hashimoto". Richard Hashimoto is the production supervisor for the movie
-Most of the teen movies that John Hughes directed take place in Shermer, Illinois

-John Hughes wrote the screenplay for this movie in 2 days
-The David Bowie quote at the beginning is from the song "Changes". It's from his 1971 album Hunky Dory
-The small switchblade knife that Bender has actually belongs to Judd Nelson. He has it for protection purposes

-Before the kids show up, there are shots of the school. One locker reads "I don't like Mondays". This is a reference to a school shooting in 1979, committed by a 16 year old named Brenda Ann Spencer. Her father had given her a rifle for Christmas in 1978. On Jan. 28, 1979, she took the rifle and shot 10 kids and staff at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California.
-When shooting started, the only ones that were actually teens were Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall, who were both 16. Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy were 22, while Judd Nelson was 25
-When they are eating lunch, Andrew takes his food out of a Happy Foods bag. Happy Foods is an actual grocery store in Chicago

-It was Ally Sheedy's idea to use the David Bowie quote at the beginning of the movie
-During lunch, Allison is looking at the album for Prince's hit 1999
-There is also a Beatles reference in the movie. Principal Richard Vernon is named after Richard Vernon, the actor who played a gentleman in the train compartment scene in A Hard Day's Night. And when the principal and janitor are talking, he asks the janitor, Carl, what he wanted to be when he grew up, and the janitor said "When I grew up, I wanted to be John Lennon"
-Reasons for the kids showing up:
  -Brian: Flare gun in his locker, which was mistaken for a real gun

 -John Bender: Pulls a false fire alarm

-Claire: Ditched class to go shopping

 -Allison: Was bored. Had nothing better to do

-Andrew: Taped a guy's butt cheeks together

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