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Friday, August 10, 2012

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Another one of my favorite movies!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
-Indiana Jones is a famed archeologist and explorer who one day receives mail from his father. He opens it and it turns out to be his father's diary. It has precise directions on how to find the Holy Grail, the key to eternal life. He then hears from a private collector named Walter Donovan that the search for the Grail that his father did went bad. So Indiana Jones and museum curator Marcus Brody go to Italy to find his father. While there, they run into mysterious figures who have religious tattoos who say they are looking to protect the Grail. And there he meets Elsa Schneider, a doctor of history. The 3 then go to Germany, in Nazi-occupied territory. After finding his father, Indiana learns that Elsa is in league with the Nazis, who are racing to find the Grail. So The father/son team race the Nazis to find the Grail before they find it to use it to rule the world for what they call the "master race".

-Harrison Ford: Indiana Jones
-Sean Connery: Henry Jones
-Denholm Elliot: Marcus Brody
-Alison Doody: Elsa Schneider
-John Rhys-Davies: Sallah
-Julian Glover: Walter Donovan
-River Phoenix: Young Indy
-Robert Eddison: Grail Knight

Did You Know?
-Harrison Ford chose River Phoenix to play him as a teen

-In the Berlin book burning scene, the clothing being worn by the Nazi officers are not costumes, but authentic WW2 uniforms. Right before filming began, actor Denholm Elliot had been diagnosed with AIDS and was sick most of the filming
-The tank that Indy fights the Nazis on is a replica of a British/American Mark VIII, made in 1918.

-The gun that Donovan uses to shoot Connery is a Walther PPK, the same one James Bond uses

-Elsa is the only love interest of Indy who turns out to be a villain and die

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  1. It is hard for me to decide between this and Raiders of the Lost Ark as my favorite Indy movie but both are so awesome!