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Thursday, August 30, 2012

X-Men: The Official Game

I have this game at home. Been forever since I last played.

X-Men: The Official Game
-Video game that covers what happened in X-Men, X2: X-Men United and X-Men: The Last Stand
-Follows the characters Wolverine, Iceman and Nightcrawler
-Introduces new enemies to the game, such as HYDRA
-Released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360
-Has several actors from the movie providing voices for their characters, such as:
 1. Hugh Jackman: Wolverine
 2. Alan Cumming: Nightcrawler
 3. Shawn Ashmore: Iceman
 4. Patrick Stewart: Professor X
 5. Tyler Mane: Sabretooth

-Professor X asks the X-Men to return to Alkali Lake to get irreplaceable parts for the Cerebro machine. Nightcrawler is given the task of infiltrating the base. Once inside, he discovers that Stryker has a backup plan to destroy the mutants. His plan involves mutant-hunting robots called Sentinels. And together, Storm and Wolverine find the A.I. module for a Sentinel when agents of an organization called HYDRA(terrorists) arrive to take the remaining Sentinels. It's discovered that HYDRA had designed the Sentinels for Stryker. And Wolverine finds that HYDRA has employed Lady Deathstrike.

-Nightcrawler and Colossus work together to destroy the generators at Alkali Lake. Nightcrawler starts being haunted by visions of young Jason Stryker, who is angry and vengeful. He continues to remind Nightcrawler that it was he who left him to die. And it's discovered that Jason Stryker is in fact alive and well. Jason has escaped with HYDRA and now has the Master Mold for the Sentinels. Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike fight and she escapes. Wolverine tells Storm he is following HYDRA and this leads him to follow Lady Deathstrike to Tokyo.

-Iceman also has his own battles to worry about. He is told to fight Pyro, his polar opposite, who is threatening to destroy a nuclear reactor. After fighting, Pyro escapes and Iceman meets up with the rest of the X-Men. Elsewhere, Storm and Nightcrawler must fight Multiple Man, and try to stop him from detonating the Brooklyn Bridge with bombs. After he is defeated, he is sent to a prison for high powere mutants. This storyline is picked up in X-Men: The Last Stand

-Meanwhile, Jason Stryker activates the Master Mold in Tokyo, thus activating the Sentinels. The robots start hunting and capturing mutants, with Iceman setting out to stop it from happening, destroying many of the sentinels.
-Wolverine manages to infiltrate HYDRA's main base and get through the forces. The Silver Samurai is consulting with Lady Deathstrike, telling her his feelings about her dishonor, when Wolverine interrupts and Yuriko tells the Silver Samurai she'll handle him. Yuriko and Wolverine fight, with Logan slicing the rope holding a large wooden platform, taking Yuriko with it. Wolverine then meets up with The Silver Samurai on the roof of the base, who tells him that if Wolverine fights honorably, then he will tell Logan what he wants. Wolverine fights him with honor and the Samurai tells him how to destroy the Sentinels through the Master Mold. Wolverine regroups with the rest of the X-Men and tells them how to defeat the Sentinels

-Xavier then gets in touch with Magneto, telepathically, and asks for his help in facing the Sentinels. Now the X-Men are attacked by newer, Giant Sentinels. Iceman is the only one to defeat the smaller ones. He wipes out these robots as the Master Mold lurks in the near area. Magneto arrives and uses his power of metal control to cursh the Sentinels and Magneto sends Sabretooth to find his newest recruit for the Brotherhood: Jason Stryker

-Nightcrawler is now inside the Master Mold. He must disable the control center while he is aided by a kindly spirit of Jason Stryker, who helps the German speaking mutant through the Mold's body. When he arrives at the Mold's main command center, he sees Jason, who hates the "younger", nicer version of the other Jason, representing the split personality. Wolverine is now in the Master Mols and Jason uses his powers to make Wolverine fight himself in a mental battle in the Weapon X lab. As he tries to get to the Master Mold's head, Jason gets a grip on Nightcrawler by entering his mind and tries to convinc Kurt that he is not a mutant, but a real monster. Nightcrawler is successful in dismantling the Master Mold's command center,. Elsewhere, Iceman destroys the Master Mold's core.

-Sabretooth now knows where Wolverine, Nightcrawler are, by knocking out Nightcrawler and kidnapping Jason Stryker, who is wheelchair-bound. Both Wolverine and Sabretooth duke it out,  with Wolverine throwing Sabretooth from a huge height to be impaled. Jason ends up dying in the battle, with the good side winning, and Nightcrawler telling him it's okay to leave him this time

-The Sentinels, Jason Stryker and the Master Mold are now out of the way. The X-men head home. Nightcrawler talks to Professor X, saying he does not want to be part of the X-men because of the violence that seems to happen, that he is a peaceful man. And with that, Kurt leaves, explaining his absence in X-Men: The Last Stand


-Fighting with him involves lots of enemies and soldiers, armed with weapons. He can put his claws back, but if any button is hit, they are back out again. Wolverine's life meter is represented by a yellow gauge on the screen. He can't lock onto his enemies, but, after a while, he is able to go into Berserker Rage, which increases his strength and life bar and also makes his attacks more lethal

-Most missions with Nightcrawler are all about stealth. They have him running along pipes, teleporting. He can teleport to any area. Like Wolverine, Nightcrawler can heal by holding down a button.

-Iceman's missions have him riding an ice slide like a skateboarder grinding pipe. They have going at fast speeds while he creates an icy path ahead of him. While doing this, he can also shoot ice missiles at enemies and objects, use an Ice Beam to cool things off, and create a Frost Shield, which will protect him

Here's where you can upgrade Bobby's Ice Beam, Frost Shield, or other talents

-Alan Cumming: Nightcrawler
-Brad Abell: Colossus
-Shawn Ashmore: Iceman
-Greg Berger: Beast
-Steven Blum: Jason Stryker
-Eric Dane: Multiple Man
-Grey DeLisle: Young Jason Stryker
-Kim Mai Guest: Kitty Pryde
-Hugh Jackman: Wolverine
-Tyler Mane: Sabretooth
-Katherine Morgan: Jean Grey
-Vyvan Pham: Lady Deathstrike
-Dwight Schultz: Magneto
-Patrick Stewart: Professor X
-James Arnold Taylor: Cyclops
-Debra Wilson: Storm
-Steve Van Wormer: Pyro
-Keone Young: Silver Samurai

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