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Monday, August 13, 2012

Halloween III

Halloween III
-Daniel Challis is a doctor in a northern California hospital, treating an old man, Harry Grimbridge, who is scared of the halloween mask commercials playing. He is constantly screaming "They are going to kill us!" and in his hand is a jack o lantern mask with a strange tag on it, saying the Silver Shamrock Company. Later on, strange figures in gray come and kill him in the night and when Daniel catches up with them, they douse themselves in gas and set themselves ablaze

-Later on, Daniel decides to do a little investigating. And going with him is Ellie Grimbridge, Harry's daughter. This leads them to the predominantly Irish town of Santa Mira. When they get there, they pose as a couple and manage to get a tour of the factory. There they meet Conal Cochran, the head of the factory.

-As time goes on, they discover that these masks are bad. Inside each mask is a computer chip with a piece of rock from Stonehenge in it. And on Halloween, when the Silver Shamrock commercial is played, bad things will happen. Black magic will be released and a curse will go on to the wearer of the mask, killing them. So Daniel must stop this man from killing thousands of innocent people, mainly kids, from a huge bloodbath in the name of Samhain

-Tom Atkins: Daniel Challis
-Stacey Nelkin: Ellie Grimbridge
-Dan O'Herlihy: Conal Cochran
-Michael Currie: Rafferty
-Ralph Strait: Buddy Kupfer
-Jadeen Barbor: Betty Kupfer
-Brad Schacter: Little Buddy Kupfer
-Garn Stephens: Marge Guttman
-Al Berry: Harry Grimbridge

Did You Know?
-A milk factory was used for the Silver Shamrock Mask Factory
-The only Halloween film where Michael Myers is not in it
-When Challis is at the motel and he is scanning the list of names for Ellie's dad, the other names are names of people on the movie crew
-The town of Santa Mira was also used in Invasion of the Body Snatchers
-The voice operator Challis gets when he calls out of Santa Mira is Jamie Lee Curtis
-To promote the film, masks modeled after the skull, jack o' lantern and witch were mass produced by Don Post Studios
-When Cochran is talking to Daniel in the holding cell, he mentions Samhain. This is an Irish holiday involving sacrifices of blood

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