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Friday, August 24, 2012


-You Matt Murdock is an orphan growing up in New York after his father, a famous boxer, is killed by the crimelord Kingpin. And one day, while going home, Matt gets doused with chemicals in his face, leaving him blind for life. After he wakes up in the hospital, he finds his other sense besides sight have been radically enhanced, meaning he can hear better, smell better, and use his other senses. During the day, he is a respected attorney, but at night, he takes on a different persona, "The Man Without Fear", a sort of superhero called Daredevil. He sees to it that justice that could not be had in the courtroom gets handled outside of the court, in Hells Kitchen

-Ben Affleck: Matt Murdock/Daredevil
-Jennifer Garner: Elektra Natchios
-Colin Farrell: Bullseye
-Michael Clarke Duncan: Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin
-Jon Favreau: Franklin 'Figgy' Nelson
-Ellen Pompeo: Karen Page
-Joe Pantoliano: Ben Urich
-David Keith: Jack Murdock

Did You Know?
-Vin Diesel was the original choice to play Bullseye, but it went to Colin Farrell
-Made his first appearance in a Marvel Comic in 1964
-Ben Affleck was viritually blind during this movie, because he had to wear heavy duty contact lenses, blocking most of his vision
-The Shadow World effects took a year to do
-At the opening scene in the bar, if you look closely at Colin Farrell's neck and top of his chest, you'll see it peeling. It is not a condition native to Bullseye, rather Colin's sunburn. He had returned from a vacation in Mexico on a boat
-The first movie to add a sound effect to the Marvel logo
-Daredevil's costume took 7-8 months to get it perfect because it was a bodysuit made all of leather

-In the comics, Bullseye wore a blue and white costume. In here, he was wearing regular street clothes

-In the comics, Kingpin is white, but in here, is played by a black man. This is the first movie to use a black actor to play Kingpin. It was decided that Michael Clarke Duncan would play Kingpin after several white actors gave bad screen tests.

-The Braille writing on the pendant reads "Elektra"
-This is the first time Colin Farrell could use his own Irish accent in an American movie
-Colin Farrell had never ridden a motorcycle before filming the scene where he kills Elektra's dad

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