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Monday, August 27, 2012

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four
-Reed Richards is a highly intelligent, but timid and bankrupt scientist who is convinced that evolution can be started by clouds of cosmic radiation. And he predicts that the Earth will pass one of these clouds.

-Along with his friend, a rough and tumble astronaut Ben Grimm, Reed tries to convince a fellow MIT grad named Victor von Doom to allow him access to his own private space station. Von Doom agrees on one condition: That he gets a cut of any money earned as part of it and control of the experiment.

-And along with von Doom comes Susan Storm, a shy chief genetics researcher and former girlfriend of Reed's and also her brother, a hot tempered playboy named Johnny Storm. While up in space, they go through a space storm and come back to Earth intact. Except that now, they have superpowers!

-Reed Richards can stretch his body into fantastic shapes and incredible lengths. Sue can turn invisible. Johnny can turn into a walking tower of flame and make it go to supernova temperatures. Ben turns into something called "The Thing", a towering pile of rock with superhuman strength.

-While the media dubs them "The Fantastic Four", Ben is unhappy with the situation. His fiancee has left him and now he feels alone. Reed blames himself and him and Susan try to create a cure for the condition and they grow close once more.

-While the others are discovering their new powers, Victor is also surprised to discover he has super powers as well. He is able to capture and manipulate pure electrical energy. He decides to call himself "Dr. Doom". And now because of the mishap at the space station, his company is going bankrupt and he blames Reed. So now "The Fantastic Four" must stop Victor von Doom from exacting payback on them.

-Ioan Gruffudd: Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
-Jessica Alba: Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman
-Chris Evans: Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
-Michael Chiklis: Ben Grimm/The Thing
-Julian McMahon: Victor von Doom/Dr. Doom
-Kerry Washington: Alicia Masters
-Maria Menounos: Sexy nurse
Did You Know?
-George Clooney and Brendan Fraser were considered for the role of Reed Richards
-Paul Walker was considered for the role of Johnny Storm

-James Gandolfini was a possible choice for Ben Grimm/The Thing
-When Sue Storm is unpacking in the Baxter Building, behind her is a visible  signed photo of the band Devo
-To make the time in the makeup chair go by faster, Michael Chiklis spent the time watching the Boston Red Sox
-Inspired by his role on Nip/Tuck, it was Julian McMahon's idea to seal Victor's scars with surgical staples
-Also part of his costume, Michael Chiklis had to wear prosthetic teeth
-Michael Chiklis was the only one of 4 actors who was an actual fan of "The Thing" from the original Fantastic Four comics
-During the space station scene, Jessica Alba had a kidney infection and nearly fainted when she was with Julian McMahon
-Elizabeth Banks, Ali Larter, Scarlet Johansson, Kate Bosworth and Rachel McAdams were all considered for the role of Sue Storm
-Ioan Gruffudd struggled to keep his American accent audible throughout the movie because every day he received new script pages, forcing him to learn more lines in a short time

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