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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Magnum Force

Magnum Force
-San Francisco's criminal underworld is being threatened by a group of cops acting as vigilantes, calling themselves the "Death Squad". They kill criminals who have eluded the justice system. And to investigate it, Harry Callahan is teamed with a new partner, 'Early' Smith. Soon, a Mafia boss and his family and friends are found dead at a pool party from a frenzied shooting. And then, a well known pimp, who murdered one of his prostitutes because she was holding out on him and killed her with Draino down the throat is found dead.

-Then Harry is given the task of arresting mob boss Frank Palancio. But that ends in a bloodbath and to add to it, Harry's good friend McCoy is killed in the process.

-Clint Eastwood: Harry Callahan
-Hal Holbrook: Lt. Briggs
-Mitch Ryan: McCoy
-David Soul: Davis
-Tim Matheson: Sweet
-Robert Urich: Grimes
-Margaret Avery: Prostitute
-Adele Yoshioka: Sunny

Did You  Know?
-One of the officers of the "Death Squad" is called Red Astrachan, a popular variety of apple grown in California

-The motorcycles used by the death squad are Moto Guzzi Eldorado police bikes. But in the scene at the airport, the motorcycles used were Triumph 500cc T100 Tiger bikes, becasuse they were easier to handle and lighter than the Moto Guzzis.
-David Soul's role as Officer John Davis led to him being cast as Det. Ken Hutchinson on Starsky and Hutch
-The SFPD range where the rookies are is in reality the real life shooting range for the Oakland Police Department
-Was the longest Dirty Harry movie to date, at 124 minutes

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