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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Formed: London, England
When: 1992, after Gavin Rossdale and Nigel Puslford met
Genres: Alternative rock, post-grunge, early grunge
Years Active: 1992-2002, 2010-present

Gavin Rossdale: Vocals/guitar
Robin Goodridge: drums
Chris Traynor: Lead guitar
Corey Britz: bass

Nigel Pulsford: Guitar
Dave Parsons: Bass
Sacha Gervasi: drums

Spencer Cobrin: drums
-Found immediate success with the release of their album Sixteen Stone in 1994

-After leaving his previous band, Midnight, Gavin Rossdale met Nigel Pulsford, previously of King Blank and immediately clicked over their like of rock band The Pixies
-They formed a band called Future Primitive, which is said to be, according to British record labels, "a more commercial side of INXS"
-In 1993, they were signed with Disney Records
-In 1994, their song "Everything Zen" got immediate airplay on the L.A. radio station KROQ-FM
-After touring for their Razorblade Suitcase album, Rossdale dropped off the radar for a while. That's where he worked on material for their next album

-The band's concert at Woodstock '99 helped to get their album, The Science of Things, plenty of airplay and get this album up off the ground

-In Jan. 2002, Pulsford left the band and Chris Tynor took over
-Due to low record sales, Bush disbanded in 2002
-In 2004, Rossdale formed a new band called Institute and has also ventured into acting, such as:
Zoolander: Appeared as himself
Little Black Book: Random person
Constantine: Balthazar

Criminal Minds: Paul Davies/Dante

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