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Friday, February 1, 2013

February Birthdays

Since it's Feburary, I wanna give a big, huge Happy Birthday shout-out to the following people:

Chris Rock
-DOB: Feb. 7, 1965. Andrews, South Carolina
-Considered to be the 5th greatest stand up comedian of all time

Sherman Hemsley
-DOB: Feb. 1, 1938
-DOD: July 24, 2012
-Best known for being George Jefferson on The Jeffersons

Alice Cooper
-DOB: Feb. 4, 1948. Detroit, Michigan
-Known as the king of 'shock rock'

Peter Gabriel
-DOB: Feb. 13, 1950.
-Was the lead singer of progressive rock band Genesis

Matt Groening
-DOB: Feb. 19, 1954. Portland, Oregon
-This man is a genius! He invented The Simpsons!

-DOB: Feb. 19, 1963. London, England
-British R&B, soul musician

-DOB: Feb. 2, 1977. Barranquilla, Colombia
-Her Latin music also has Arabic influences in it

Alan Rickman
-DOB: Feb. 21, 1946. Hammersmith, London, England
-Best known for his role as Professor Severus Snape in the Harry Potter movies

Josh Groban
-DOB: Feb. 27, 1981. Los Angeles, California
-His musical influences include Radiohead, Sting, Freddie Mercury, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Steve Perry

Joe Pesci
-DOB: Feb. 9, 1943. Newark, New Jersey
-Works most frequently with Robert De Niro

Arsenio Hall
-DOB: Feb. 12, 1956. Cleveland, Ohio
-Stand up comedian and actor

-DOB: Feb. 20, 1988. Saint Michael, Barbados
-Is talented in many genres of music, such as R&B, reggae, dancehall

Steve Irwin
-DOB: Feb. 22, 1962. Essendon, Victoria, Australia
-DOD: Sept. 4, 2006. Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia
-Known worldwide as 'The Crocodile Hunter'

Laura Dern
-DOB: Feb. 10, 1967. Los Angeles, California
-Daughter of Bruce Dern and Diane Ladd

Patricia Richardson
-DOB: Feb. 23, 1951. Bethesda, Maryland
-Supports many charities

Edward James Olmos
-DOB: Feb. 24, 1947. Los Angeles, California
-Most known roles: William Adama (Battlestar Galactica), Martin Castillo (Miami Vice), Jaime Escalante (Stand and Deliver)

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