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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


-Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is a brilliant scientist with a limited knowledge about his family. One day, while working in the lab, he gets injured in an accident that involved him getting exposed to gamma radiation and Nanomeds (tiny life forms that are supposed to heal wounds but kill everything they come into contact with). Confused and curious about how he survived, Banner discovers that, since the accident, should he get angry, he begins transforming into a giant, raging green monster who will destroy anything in sight with rage.

-Eric Bana: Bruce Banner
-Jennifer Connelly: Betty Ross
-Sam Elliot: Ross
-Josh Lucas: Talbot
-Nick Nolte: Dad
-Paul Kersey: Young David Banner
-Cara Buono: Edith Banner
-Todd Tesen: Young Ross
-Kevin Rankin: Harper
-Celia Weston: Mrs. Krensler
-Mike Erwin: Teenaged Bruce Banner

Did You Know?
-Nick Nolte was the first choice to play Bruce Banner
-Director Ang Lee turned down Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines to direct this film
-Jennifer Connelly found Ang's way of looking at the Hulk as interesting. "He wasn't talking about a glossy fun-filled kids' movie about a green guy running around in tights. He was talking along the lines of tragedy and psychodrama, the green monster of rage, greed, jealousy and fear in all of us."
-To prepare for his role in the movie, Sam elliot read the comics. He had major doubts about growing a mustache, since it is against regulation in the Army to grow facial hair. But Ang Lee convinced him to do so
-The house that Betty Ross lives in was also used in To Kill a Mockingbird
-Nick Nolte's hair looked wildly because he had been arrested on a drunk driving charge and photographed for his now famous mugshot
-Costume designer Marit Allen designed nerdy, unflattering clothes for Bruce Banner to wear to disguise the fact that Eric Bana was in excellent shape
-The tanks that confront the Hulk in the desert, Abrams tanks, are actually Chieftain tanks used by the British Army. The Chieftains have 6 wheels on both sides and the Abrams have 7
-During filming in San Francisco, filming had to be stopped for two hours because some local college students from UC Berkeley had pulled a prank on the set. They were systematically urinating in the portable toilets there and the loud sound of urinating distracted the crew. It took all of two hours to round up all the students

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