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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Somehow, These Legends Have NEVER Won a Grammy Award


These artists have never and I mean NEVER won a Grammy award for their totally awesome music

-Even in 2013, long after the death of their iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury, these rockers have yet to actually win a Grammy. Hopefully, their time will come soon and they'll win a Grammy

The Who
-You gotta be kidding me! When you stop and think about the long career these guys have had, it's suprising to know they've never actually won this fantastic music award. Well, hopefully, they'll win sometime

The Doors
-Obviously there are people who don't like these guys

Led Zeppelin
-Seriously? I would have voted for these guys. I may not listen to them, but I think they totally rock. And something cool to add is lately on the classic rock music stations I get around me on the radio, they've been doing something called "Get the Led Out" meaning they toss in some Led Zep between their normal playlist. But, these guys have yet to win a Grammy. I'm not sure why; they're popular enough and have enough music out there

Jimi Hendrix
-Never won a Grammy

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