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Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Favorite Tales from the Crypt Episodes


Season 1
The Man Who Was Death
-A prison guard (William Sadler) begins delivering his own type of justice to murder suspects acquitted of their crimes.

Only Sin Deep
-When a self-obsessed prostitute (Lea Thompson) "sells" her looks to a pawnbroker who deals in Voodoo, her looks begin fading at a disturbing rate

Season 2
For Cryin' Out Loud
-When a rock promoter plans to run away with money he has squirreled away, his equally greedy banker (Katey Sagal) wants 50/50. But that's when his conscience (Sam Kinnison) starts bothering him about it

Four Sided Triangle
-Patricia Arquette is a young farm worker who thinks a scarecrow is her lover

Season 3
Abra Cadaver
-Tony Goldwyn is a doctor who finds revenge is harrowing when his brother makes him the guinea pig of a medicine that mimics death
Easel Kill Ya
-Tim Roth is an artist who can't seem to sell any of his work, until a morbid art collector (William Atherton) comes along

The Reluctant Vampire
-Malcolm McDowell plays a vampire who works the night shift at a blood bank. But when the manager (George Wendt) realizes his business is running dry, the vampire starts bringing blood in, from criminals he bites
Split Second
-A conniving barmaid meets a local lumberjack (Brion James) and drives him to insanity when she begins an affair with a new lumberjack there, who he beats so badly he goes blind

Season 4
On a Deadman's Chest
-When a rock star gets a tattoo of a woman he hates, the tattoo seems to take on a life of its own

-2 con artists (Ben Cross, Cathy Moriarty) try to rob a rich millionaire (John Vernon)

What's Cookin'
-When a couple (Christopher Reeve, Bess Armstrong) think about giving up on their failing business, they suddenly get a boost of success when a drifter (Judd Nelson) gives them a recipe for steak containing human flesh
The New Arrival
-When a psychologist (David Warner) tries to boost the ratings of his radio show by hosting episodes from the house of a strange woman (Zelda Rubenstein), he gets more than he bargained for when he discovers she wants to help her disturbed child

Spilt Personality
-When a con man (Joe Pesci) learns of the inheritance of two reclusive twins (Kristen Amber Citron, Jacqueline Alexandra Citron), he marries them both, acting as two different people to have them thinking he is two different people

Season 5
Forever Ambergris
-After forever being the second-in-command to a photographer named Isaac Forte (Steve Buscemi), a combat photographer named Dalton (Roger Daltrey) comes up with a plan to get rid of him and get with his wife (Lysette Anthony)

Creep Course
-A bookloving girl (Nina Siemaszko) is tricked by a jock (Anthony Michael Hall) and her Egyptology professor (Jeffrey Jones) into becoming a virign sacrifice for a mummy
In the Groove
-When a talk radio show host finally hits the big time, he resorts to murder to keep it up there. Guest stars include: Slash, Wendie Malick, Linda Doucett

The Pit
-Two expert martial artists (Mark Dacascos and Stoney Jackson) are forced to fight to the death by their wives (Debbe Dunning, Marjean Holding)

Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow
-Glenn (Robert Lindsay) is a top safe cracker who has a slight loss of hearing. He gets caught up in a game between a mobster and his wife and ends up with the expert hearing of an owl

Now that I watch My Family, it's strange to see him here...

-A screenwriter (Eddie Izzard) finds himself on the run after he is convicted of decapitating women in the city
Smoke Wrings
-A young man (Daniel Craig) is hired onto an advertising company by a highly rated executive. But what the exec doesn't know is the young man is in league with her ex-partner (Paul Freeman), who's looking for revenge

The Kidnapper
-A young man (Steve Coogan) does the nice thing and takes in a pregnant woman (Julie Sawalha) and falls in mad love with her. But he becomes dangerously jealous when her child is born, so he tries every trick in the book to get rid of her child
-During WWII, two Nazis, a traitor (Martin Kemp), and the man he backstabbed must all work together to escape the prison camp they are in

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