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Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Thought: This is So Cool!

Whenever I get bored, I start having these little random thoughts start forming. And one time when I was on Facebook, someone I'm friends with, Dominic Williams, who does the blog From Torquay to Texas, said something about the law in England and somehow the letters CPS came up. I asked him what it was for and he told me Crown Prosecution Service. I honestly thought he was kidding when he said that, but I ended up looking it up and he's right! There is an actual service there called that. Believe me when I say this, when I get bored, I get curious. I get curious and start looking at different things on the Internet. And this one came up out of the blue :D

Now, if any of you who read this are from England, you'll probably laugh jokingly as I say I thought this was just made up for Law and Order: UK and that I think it's cool!  But apparently, there is an actual service in London called Crown Prosecution Service. I never knew that. Wow, you learn something new every day. I love to learn about the various cultures in our world, and it seems like the culture of the UK is really not that different from the US. Except that people in the UK may not be as rude as some people in the US

And also, just out of curiosity, I wondered what lawyers in the UK were called. Apparently there are dozens of types of lawyers or barristers in London. Here are some of them

-Interacts with their clients, preparing documents such as property documents and wills, and they brief other Barristers
-These people have a sort of restriction on the courts they can appear in. They usually appear in lower courts, and tribunals

-The people who address the court
-They have full rights of appearing in front of the court, all courts, high or low
-There are several types of these as well
Queen's Counsel
-These are the ones who prosecute in court on criminal cases on behalf of The Crown.

OMG,  I gotta tell you this as well because I think it's cool! Apparently, if you watch Law and Order: UK, the law service on there is not fake, it's not made up just for the show. It's real!! If you think I'm odd for thinking this is cool, I'm the kind of person who finds things I never knew before awesome!! And apparently CPS is a real service in London!

-This is a department of the Government of the UK
-They handle public prosecution for people charged with crimes in England and Wales
-It's said that it is similar to the longer-running Crown Office in Scotland, and Public Prosecution Office in Northern Ireland
-They are responsible for criminal cases outside the courtroom, which goes to the police. This involves giving police advice on charges to bring, preparing/presenting cases for court, both in magistrate's court and Crown Court

-They have two very special groups they work with
Central Fraud Group: based in London, Manchester in York, they concentrate on fraud cases
Serious Crime Group is broken down into two groups:
-Organised Crime
-Special Crime and Counter-Terrorism

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