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An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind~Gandhi
The time is always right to do what is right~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

P is For...

-Color signifying royalty, the Red Hat Society for older ladies over 50, and just one of my many favorite colors

Princess Diana
-What a lovely woman. So beautiful, so kind. So sad she had to die, just because she was trying to get away from those pompous, annoying paparazzi 
Paul McCartney
-Definitley has good music
-Another color I like. Especially the pink associated with the Breast Cancer Foundation
Pat Benatar
-Good rock music
Phil Collins
-Love his solo stuff

-Love their music
-One of my favorite 80s singers
-Love these guys too!
Patrick Swayze
-What a hunk, and he can sing. He sang the song "She's Like the Wind" in Dirty Dancing
Paul Nicholls
-Cutie from Law and Order: UK. He looks pretty good with five o'clock shadow, lol!
Police Women of Cincinnati
-Every time I watch this, I try and figure out if I know where they are
-Strangely enough, my dad got me liking this...
A Pup Named Scooby Doo
-Nothing cuter than seeing Scooby Doo as a puppy, too cute!
Pop-Up Video
-Love this show. It teaches you interesting things. Like in the video for "Start Me Up" by the Stones, it says Mick Jagger is one of the most famous college dropouts or in the video for "Bark at the Moon" the coffin being seen riding around, Ozzy was inside riding in it, or in the video for "Janie's Got a Gun" by Aerosmith, that video helped to raise awareness for sexual abuse
Hot for Teacher: Van Halen

Every Breath you Take: The Police

Wannabe: Spice Girls

Undercover of the Night: The Rolling Stones

-Scared the crap out of me, but it's good
-One of my favorite 1980s sci-fi movies
-Love this movie, even though the acting is bad
-This one, with Thomas Jane in it, is awesome!
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
-Saw it during the summer before my dad died, and I love it, but then again, anything with Maggie Smith in it, I'll watch

Phil Collen
-Cool guitarist from Def Leppard
Paul Stanley
-Favorite one from Kiss
Don't care how he looks now; he's still cute!

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