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Friday, February 1, 2013

Music Video Games

My favorite kind!!
-These games involve the player doing something revolving around dancing or playing songs and a score being kept
-These games can also be grouped in the party game genre, mainly because at alot of parties, people will play games like Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance, etc
-There are some specific sub-genres to this as well.
-Rhythm games are very popular now due to games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance are games that involve using a controller (if it's on the Wii) or a specialized dance mat with buttons in it. The point of these games are to hit the button at the right time or do the move exactly as it is shown on the screen, to follow the dancer on screen.
-There are also games called pitch games. Usually singing follows this. SingStar is the most popular type of this game, where the scoring is based on how well you can sing or get the words to the song right. SingStar and Karaoke Revolution are 2 highly successful games in this genre and are usually played at parties.

-Just Dance series

From Just Dance 2. Song: Tik Tok- Ke$ha

-Karaoke Revolution


I think this might be the song "Space Oddity"

-Guitar Hero series

-Dance Dance Revolution

-Rocksmith. This is a video game that actually teaches you how to play guitar

-Lips game series. This is another karaoke game series

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