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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Stars on Tales from the Crypt

Almost everyone famous has, at one time or another, appeared in an episode of this show

Roger Daltrey
-Episode: Forever Ambergris
Tim Roth
-Episode: Easel Kill Ya
Robert Lindsay
-Episode: Ear Today... Gone Tomorrow
-Episode: In the Groove
Miguel Ferrer
-Episode: In the Groove
Joe Pesci
-Episode: Split Personality
Mark Dacascos
-Episode: The Pit
Daniel Craig
-Episode: Smoke Wrings
Malcolm McDowell
-Episode: The Reluctant Vampire
Christopher Reeve
-Episode: What's Cookin'

Brion James
-Episode: Split Second
Natasha Richardson
-Episode: Fatal Caper
David Warner
-Episode: The New Arrival
Eddie Izzard
-Episode: Confession
Brad Dourif
-Episode: People Who Live in Brass Hearses
 Katey Sagal
-Episode: For Cryin' Out Loud

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