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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

R is For...

I'm going to skip Q. There really wasn't that many things for Q, so I'm going to add them here.

Quiet Riot
-Loooooooooove these guys!!
-One of my favorite arena rock bands

-Even though it's cold, I'd like to see it. The palaces there are amazingly pretty
-A language that might be hard, but I really wanna learn it!

Ringo Starr
-My other favorite Beatle. Ringo was handsome, even though he had a big nose, it looked good on him. He still don't look too bad

Richard Hammond
-Very handsome host on BBC's Top Gear

Rock Music
-My #1 favorite genre!
Slash. Major cutie


Rascal Flatts
-My favorite country band


Reba McEntire
-My #1 favorite country singer

REO Speedwagon
-They're pretty good. Their song "Can't Fight This Feeling" is a good love song
-Good music to work out to

Rolling Stones
-What can I say? I love these guys. Britain makes good music!
Rod Stewart
-I have got to be the only and I mean ONLY young person who will actually listen to this guy!

-I recently started listening to these guys and I love them!
Reading Rainbow
-Watched this when I was younger. The guy on there would discuss a different book each day, and I think it was to get kids interesting in reading books. That's strange, because when I was younger, I used to hate reading more than anything. Now, it's all I do! I'm reading a book about Slash from Guns N' Roses right now and it's awesome! I have learned so much about that guy, like he's both British and black. Very sexy!
Red Dwarf
-I remember watching this when I was younger and cracking up hysterically at it. It made me laugh, it was funny
Rocko's Modern Life
-Love this cartoon
Raiders of the Lost Ark
-Love this Indiana Jones movie
-What can I say? Sylvester Stallone is a good actor, and any movie where he's shirtless is a bonus!
-This is not a kid's movie, as it's suggested. It has cussing in it. Not recommended for kids!
Red Dragon
-The best movie with Hannibal 'The Cannibal' Lecter in it
Revenge of the Nerds
-This movie tells it exactly how it is when nerdy kids go to college. BEST MOVIE EVER! This movie tells the exact truth of when unpopular kids go to major universities where there are jocks. Some jocks are nothing more than empty headed idiots who rely on us nerds to pass classes
-Love this movie
Rush Hour 2
-This is a good movie. They go to China!
Rugrats in Paris
-This one is kinda funny, and it's actually for kids!
Rag Doll
-Aerosmith. It has that pounding drum beat that makes it awesome! Plus, the video is kinda funny
Remember When
-Alan Jackson. This song is so sad. It talks about growing up and how everything changes

-The Rolling Stones. This is probably the first song that Mick has ever played guitar on. Plus, the video shows the Stones bashing through a wall with their instruments
-The Beatles
-Jim Sturgess

Right Now
-Van Halen
Rock and a Hard Place
-The Rolling Stones
Rock N' Roll Fantasy
-Bad Company
Rock N' Roll All Nite

Rock You Like a Hurricane
-The Scorpions
Ruby Tuesday
-The Rolling Stones

-Def Leppard
Round and Round
-Ratt. This has got to be their ONLY major hit...
Run to You
-Bryan Adams
-Bon Jovi. This guy is so cute!
Runnin' with the Devil
-Van Halen

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