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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tim Roth

Tim Roth
Birth name: Timothy Simon Smith
DOB: May 14, 1961
Where: London, England
Height: 5'7''

-Was originally mistaken as being American for his fine skills of imitating accents
-Mother Ann was a landscape painter and teacher and father Ernie was an American-born journalist who changed the family name to "Roth". He picked up his accent-changing skills when he attened school in Brixton, one of London's rougher neighborhoods and his classmates started picking on him because of his laid back nature. So he started speaking with a Cockney accent to fit in
-When he moved to America, he quickly caught the eye of director Quentin Tarantino. The director had pictured him as a possible Mr. Blonde or Mr. Pink in Resevoir Dogs. But Roth instead got the part of Mr. Orange
-In 2009, he took on the lead role in an American TV series called Lie to Me

-Walks with a stiff gait that he associates with bow legs
-Frequently plays people who were spoiled in their youth
-Plays Dutch or Jewish characters
-Hair is almost always slicked back
-Frequently plays sleazy villains

-Best friends with Gary Oldman, whom he worked with in the London Theatre
-Has tattoos for meaningful events in his life. Has 8 tattoos as of 2010
-Even though he's an actor, he also bartends in his spare time
-He is one of the first actors/models to get the "thorny tribal" tattoo around his arm
-His father changed the family name from the highly British "Smith" to the German-Jewish "Roth" in the 1940s after WWII because he was a journalist who went to countries that disliked the British
-He's on the front cover of Postcards From a Young Man, a 2010 album by Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers

-Father was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. to British immigrant parents
-Is of Irish descent
-Did all of his own singing, American accent included, in the music film Everyone Says I Love You

Known For
Made in Britain

A World Apart
To Kill a Priest
Vincent & Theo
-Vincent Van Gogh

Tales from the Crypt
-Jack Craig
-Episode: Easel Kill Ya
Resevoir Dogs
-Freddy Newandyke, aka Mr. Orange

Pulp Fiction
Little Odessa
-Joshua Shapira

-Philip Chaney
Rob Roy

Four Rooms
-Ted the Bellhop
Everyone Says I Love You
-Charles Ferry
-Alexander 'Stretch' Rawland
Planet of the Apes
-General Thade

The Incredible Hulk
-Emil Blonsky
Lie to Me
-Dr. Cal Lightman

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