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Friday, February 15, 2013

Romantic Rock Videos

Never thought this would happen, lol!! Rock can be romantic!

-Considered one of their greatest power ballads
-Basically tells the truth of the life of a musician. Long, extended periods of time out on the road, away from your loved ones
You're My Best Friend
-When it comes to romance, I'm pretty sure Queen is the last band you'd be thinking of
-Taken from their 1975 album Night at the Opera, this song tells that your partner for life should not only be your lover, but your best friend as well

-This has become one of the most highly played wedding songs
-Written by Paul Stanley with Michael Bolton
-Tells of undying love to the other
Silly Love Songs
-Paul McCartney
-Tells of his love to wife Linda at the time
-The video shows them goofing around, trying to get a laugh out of the Mrs. and this marriage between the two was a literal "til death do you part" relationship
Wild Horses
-The Rolling Stones
-While it's well known that the men in The Stones have a thing for models, this can be their inspiration for writing love songs
-This shows that "The British Bad Boys" are capable of getting in touch with their sensitive side, this video shows pure emotion, which is something you may not expect from a video by these guys. This video was done in 1995, but originally written and performed back in the 1960s
-The Beatles
-When it came to songwriting, George Harrison was a very late bloomer, but this song, which he wrote, became one of the most highly noted romantic and, thus, popular songs ever written by the Beatles
-The video is simple; it shows the Fab Four enjoying quiet time with their wives. Nothing major or spectacular, just enjoying time with the ones they love. Because, even though they are musicians, they need someone to love as well
You're in My Heart
-Rod Stewart
-This is my mom's favorite love song!
-With him being a renowned ladies' man, it's no wonder his talent at love songs is high
-This was reportedly written about a longtime female friend of his, and the video shows him having a candle-lit dinner in a fancy restaurant. Like having guy sing to you right then and there
Bring Me to Life
-Love this one
-This video, although it has occasional rap in it, you wouldn't really think this was a love song considering it's a sort of hard rock/heavy metal song
-The video shows Amy Lee, the lead singer, waking from bed and climbing out onto the ledge to meet Paul McCoy of 12 Stones. As he sings about being in the dark, he slowly begins to realize she was there. And when she loses her grip on the ledge, they hold on for dear life

-Guns N' Roses
-In late 1988, this song came out, detailing the highlights of life on the road and the loneliness associated with it.
-With Axl whistling, Slash shredding on his guitar and different shots of the band members, it fits the mood exactly for a love song. this song also details that it can't replace the feeling of having your true love near
Close My Eyes Forever
-Ozzy Osbourne+Lita Ford
-This is probably a kind of song not alot would expect from someone like Ozzy, who is sometimes known as "The King of Darkness". But it's good he is romantic. Shows a loving side to him, and I like that :D
-In the world of 80s rock ballads, the tough one to beat would be 'Close My Eyes Forever' by Ozzy Osbourne. It helped to boost not only his career, but also Lita Ford's slow moving career
-The song talks about trying to capture an elusive love
-The video shows them sharing vocals, but never being seen onscreen together, leaving the other to dream about the other one singing.

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