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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tour Posters That Rock


-This poster has Angus Young shaded red and shredding away on his guitar, a picture of him young, almost to say he'll stay forever young. And as of 2012, lead singer Brian Johnson says the band is rolling into high gear as they prepare for a new album to come out

The Rolling Stones
-The Rolling Stones tongue gets a new look for the "A Bigger Bang" era. Within the art itself, the artist captured past eras of the band.

Paul McCartney
-In as simple a design as The Beatles White Album, Paul spells it out in as few words as possible that he will be playing Madison Square Garden, with the main focus being on the artist himself

Elton John
-With the date being so small and hard to read, it's really hard to tell when it was created. But it does feature Elton John's trademark round glasses on a silhouette of his head. This poster will take you back to the psychadelic 1970s, when he was in his element

-Everything that usually comes from Kiss is going to be slightly horror themed. Why should the posters be different? The poster features an Eddie Munster-like image with an excessively long Gene Simmons-like tongue and makeup

-If 'Velvet Elvis' is popular artwork, then this one should be #1. This tour poster for Aerosmith features a blue haired devil woman barely keeping it together as she promotes the song 'Fire Ball' in 1998

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