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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
-Ferris Bueller is a street-smart high school senior who knows all the tricks in the book to avoiding school. Today is the day he decides to "take" a day off school, by making his parents think he's sick. But his sister Jeanie's no fool. She knows he's faking. And when Ferris takes off, so must his friends, girlfriend Sloane and laid back, but neurotic Cameron. Cameron goes even crazier when Ferris suggests going out in his father's prized Ferrari GT250 California Spyder.

-Meanwhile, the principal of the high school, Ed Rooney, knows of Ferris' severe lack of attendance at school, missing at least 9 times. He is determined to catch him out of school and Jeanie is painfully frustrated at the thought of Ferris being an angel in their parents eyes. Everything goes fine until Ferris reads the odometer on Cameron's Ferrari and it reads there are unknown miles on it, miles he does not remember putting on and this sends Cameron into a mental breakdown

-Matthew Broderick: Ferris Bueller
-Alan Ruck: Cameron Frye
-Mia Sara: Sloane Petersen
-Jeffery Jones: Ed Rooney
-Jennifer Grey: Jeanie Bueller
-Cindy Pickett: Katie Bueller
-Lyman Ward: Tom Bueller
-Edie McClurg: Grace
-Charlie Sheen: Boy in Police Station
-Ben Stein: Economics teacher
-Virginia Capers: Florence Sparrow
-Richard Edson: Parking garage attendant
-Larry Flash Jenkins: Attendant's co-pilot
-Kristy Swanson: Simone Adamley

Did You Know?
-An early draft of the film had Ferris being the older of two additional siblings and Jeanie being the middle child
-The lecture Ben Stein is giving in the movie is a real Economics lecture. He was an Economics major in college

-Because Ferraris are too expensive to rent, the crew made fake ones with fiberglass bodies.
-To make Charlie Sheen look like the drug addict seen in the movie, he stayed awake for more than 48 hours
-The car parked to the left of the Ferrari was an MG J2
-Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward, who played Ferris's parents, were married in real life after filming this movie
-The detective's name is Stephen Lim, taken from the name of the first assistant director Stephen Lim
-The 1961 Ferrari GT250 used in the movie was actually a modified MG sports car. And the scene where it wrecked behind Cameron's house caused angry letters from car enthusiasts who thought the car was a real Ferrari
-When the girl spits the soda in Rooney's face at the arcade, a sound is heard in the background. It's the sound made when a palyer loses a life in Pac-Man
-The poster on the wall behind Ferris's bed is of Bryan Ferry
-The dance scene where Ferris is lip-synching "Twist and Shout" was taken from Michael Jackson's Thriller video
-The movie was named after a lifelong friend of John Hughes, Bert Bueller
-Mia Sara was actually a teenager during filming
-John Hughes designed Ferris' bedroom to model his own when he was in high school, a mix of pop references and other things
-There are quite a few Beatles references in here, such as Ferris lip-syniching the Beatles cover of "Twist and Shout", Cameron wearing a Red Wings jersey, referencing Paul McCartney and Wings

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