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Friday, February 15, 2013

A is For...

I've found this cool A to Z challenge on the internet and I think I'm gonna do it. Sounds fun.

A is for...

Alex O'Loughlin
-He's got to be the cutest one on the new Hawaii Five-O

Aardman Animation
-My favorite cartoon company. Based out of Bristol, England, these people make the best Claymation movies and cartoons, like Wallace and Gromit, Flushed Away, Shaun the Sheep and more! These cartoons always cheer me up when I'm feeling blue, which I think I might watch tonight. I got a lot on my mind right now...


-My favorite sports team
-One of my favorite R&B singers. Very sad she is gone.
An American Werewolf in London
-One of my favorite horror movies. Not because it takes place in London, no. It's an old scary movie from the early 1980s. The 1970s and the 1980s were when scary movies were at their best. Not like today where movies like SAW are considered scary. Here's a heads up: SAW is not scary. It's gory and disgusting!

American Heart Association
-One of the organizations in which I highly support

Armed Forces
-Army, Navy, Marines Coast Guard, Air Force, I deeply respect anyone who fights for the US, even if this country really is going down in flames. This country really needs to stop getting involved in the crises of other countries!

-One of my favorite kinds of gems. It's purple, one of my favorite colors, beautiful and it's the stone I have in my class ring from high school because the idiots that sold me my class ring did not have opal, and since they only had rose zircon, an ugly pink stone, I wanted amethyst instead.

-One of my many favorite rock bands
-One of my favorite rock bands

-A place I want to go to b4 I die!

Alice Cooper
-A musician I'm beginning to listen to a little more

Across the Universe
-Definitely one of the better movies I've seen. Not because of the Beatles music, but because it's a good movie. Movies do not have to have sex or violence to be good. Movies like this cheer me up when I'm down

Are You Being Served?
-Never understood why they talked different than me or my mom when I watched it as a kid, but now that I watch it when I'm older, I definitely like it more. It's funny.

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