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Friday, February 8, 2013

I Never Thought I'd Say This...

But I love this song. Alot of people don't really expect me to like this band or any heavy metal band in general, but I'm pretty sure that I could shock the crap out of people if they hear I like Black Sabbath's music. Strange as they might be on stage, they do make some pretty good music. I watched something on VH1 Classic this morning called Pop-Up Video, and it was called 'Metal Mania', meaning they had metal videos. And one of the videos on there was 'Bark at the Moon' by Ozzy Osbourne. That's so strange, because I always thought that was a Black Sabbath song!!

Hopefully, anyone who reads this won't think I'm odd because other than a video for Quiet Riot, Kiss and Def Leppard, this Ozzy song is probably the only reason I recorded this thing. And plus, they had to have stupid Lita Ford on there. She stinks!!

But anywho, in the video, he has blonde hair. Which I think he looks really good with. God only knows why he wanted black hair.

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