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Friday, February 8, 2013

Cool Rock Costumes

Here are some of the cool costumes that various rockers have donned over the years

Alice Cooper
-Giant spider

-Face make-up modeled after Bette Davis in the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?"
-Great Tyran character from Barbarella
-Straightjacket or 'Uncle Sam'

Angus Young
-Considered his main trademark
-Also known for his "duckwalks" across stage when playing guitar
-Started when he was very young and darted off to band rehearsals without taking his school uniform off
-Always has been seen in shorts, tie, hat, sportcoat
-Due to the high Australian temperatures, in past years he sheds the shirt and ends up doing a mock "mooning" of the audience

The Beatles
-During the 1967 recording of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", the Fab Four donned brightly colored silk military suits.

The Rolling Stones
-Dressing as women for a promotional piece, promoting their single "Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby? Standing in the Shadows?" in 1966
-Apparently it was an inside bet inside the band as to who could make the ugliest woman
-Mick Jagger wins as the best looking woman. He actually does look good as a woman here...

Iron Maiden
-It's a trademark in the world of Iron Maiden that their loveable mascot Eddie, a skeleton creature is the one donning the duds. But this time it's lead singer Bruce Dickinson who's donning the clothes. He dons the soldier outfit which was popularized on the front of their 1983 single 'The Trooper'
-Most of the time, it's jeans and a tee for these guys

-Each member has a, so to speak, alter ego. Each alter ego stems from some aspect of the person's personality. They eventually replaced lost members. Like Peter Criss was replaced by Eric Carr, who became known as The Fox, or Vinnie Vincent, who became the Egyptian Ankh Warrior. During the 1980s, they did a few albums sans makeup
1. Paul Stanley aka Star Child
-Considered to be a 'starry eyed lover' or 'hopeless romantic'. Thus the cosmic-looking costume and single star over his left eye. Still my favorite one!! :D

2. Gene Simmons aka The Demon
-Known as 'The Demon' because of his cynicism and dark humor. Thus the demonic, monstrous costume

3. Ace Frehley aka 'Space Ace' or 'Space Man'
-Since people believed he was from another planet and also his love of sci-fi, he became 'Space Ace' or 'Space Man'
-This role is being done now by Tommy Thayer, who now dons the 'Space Man' costume

4. Peter Criss aka Cat Man
-Growing up in a rough Brooklyn neighborhood, he believed he had nine lives, so his personality became Cat Man. Thus the feline features of his makeup
-This role is now being done by Eric Singer, who now dons the Cat Man makeup

5. Eric Carr aka The Fox
-His makeup made him look like a fox

6. Vinnie Vincent aka the Egyptian Ankh Warrior
-His makeup had him looking Egyptian

Elton John
-If there was a contest to see who could get the craziest costumes in rock history, the trophy would go to him. It's almost his trademark to wear strange costumes. And his black and yellow bumblebee costume is no different.
Peter Gabriel
-What I call 'the David Bowie of Genesis'
-This singer was heavily known for his strange costumes and makeup, which sometimes interfered with his singing. Like, for starters, when the band released their 'Foxtrot' album, which features a woman-likw creature on the front wearing a red dress and a fox head, Gabriel dressed as this to sing songs from that album
-With his costumes, they pretty much forced the music of the band towards the back, no one caring what the music was and people wanting to see how crazy he could get with his costumes. ad this led to him leaving the band in 1975. Only then, was Genesis drummer Phil Collins upgraded from drummer to lead singer.

David Bowie
-'Ziggy Stardust' has arrived!
-He had many alter egos during his 70s rock years, but this one is the most well known. His 1972 album 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' made the biggest impact
-The personality behind Ziggy Stardust is he was an androgynous alien who delivered a message of hope and peace to humankind
-Bowie definitely went he extra mile to look alien-like, from his fire red mullet, to his space-y makeup to his odd, yet shiny clothes
-But, he ended up surrendering to drugs and sex, which go hand in hand in the world of rock music

Green Day
-They wear many hats in music. Nowadays, they don punk rock clothing, skinny jeans and skinny ties, Converses, and overall Goth/Punk look in black or red
-For a Halloween concert in 2011, Green Day dressed up as horror punk legends to take in the fun of Halloween

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